Учиться - значит обнаруживать то, что ты уже знаешь.
Делать - значит демонстрировать то, что ты это знаешь.
Учить других - значит напоминать им, что они знают - точно также, как и ты.

Ричард Бах «Карманный справочник Мессии»

Англоговорящие молодые воронежцы приглашаются к участию в польско-российском просветительском проекте

Англоговорящие молодые воронежцы приглашаются к участию в польско-российском просветительском проекте Дома Анны Франк, Польского фонда детей и молодёжи и Молодёжного Правозащитного Движения!

Project “Polish-Russian Free2choose”


The Polish-Russian Free2choose-create Project aims to develop video clips, based on the concept of ‘Free2choose’, which address current human rights dilemmas in Poland and Russia, for 20 students from secondary schools and universities in both countries. The participants will be prepared for their task during an exchange programme that will take place in both countries. The same participants will take part in both seminars. During the programme they will be introduced to the subject of Free2choose in their local communities. Based on this input they will make film clips dealing with local dilemmas related to human rights and social issues from the perspective of young people. After the exchanges participants will use the new film clips for a series of debates/discussions in high schools and universities.

A teacher training seminar will take place in both countries. These seminars are intended to help teachers prepare the participants of the exchange programme (who will act as peer trainers) and staff from the partner organisations to visit their classrooms and lead a discussion/debate about the films they produced. There will also be a mini-conference at the end of the project for the facilitators of the debates and teachers.

All activities will take place between March 2013 and June 2014 (fifteen months).


The project consists of:

a. 2 youth exchanges (2 x 10 participants)

b. the creation of 6 short human rights-related films with accompanying manuals

d. 40 discussions/debates in schools in Russia and Poland held by participants after the exchanges

e. a mini-conference focused on dissemination.


It is required that the participants of the exchange programme are:

1. Aged between 18 and 22 at the beginning of the programme

2. With experience in social activities (for instance as volunteers of NGOs, school selfgovernment members, leaders of informal youth groups)

3. Capable of communication in English. Knowledge of the language of the other country (Polish or Russian) will be a plus.

4. Committed to participate in following project elements : two youth exchanges (one in Poland and one in Russia); organization of seminars in school or students discussion clubs related to the project, final conference of the project in Poland in 2014

5. A willingness to provide accommodation to the Russian participants during their stay in Poland – the idea of the project is to bring closer Polish and Russian participants, one of the ways to achieve that is common accommodation at participants homes during exchanges (5 days).

6. Passport of the participant has to be valid at least till 2014-06-01.

It is recommended that the participants: Have some experience in making/editing films